Deke Digital is a Colorado-based digital marketing services firm serving companies that sell sophisticated financial services. Our market covers industry segments that include wealth management, investment banking, private equity, insurance and benefits brokerage, accounting services, hedge funds, and other similar businesses.

We began serving clients in early 2012, and formally launched Deke a year later. We named Deke after an ice hockey term for a move made by a player to get past an opponent. We like the idea that aggressive, skillful digital marketing is what it takes in a dynamic financial services marketplace to get beyond the competition.


We are located in beautiful Wheat Ridge, CO – a 15 minute drive from downtown Denver.

Deke was founded by Dave Maney, who started life as a business journalist before becoming a successful serial entrepreneur, building brand-driven companies in the telecom and then the financial services industries. He had returned to the media business, writing economic commentary for Forbes and the Denver Post as well as appearing weekly on the Fox Business Network, when he was asked by a friend and fellow financial services CEO to provide some digital marketing insights for the friend’s firm.

Realizing both the potential and the threat digital marketing represented for the traditionally referral-driven world of big-ticket financial services, Maney founded Deke Digital with the help of Chief Technology Officer Alex McEvoy, a skilled digital entrepreneur in his own right.

Deke is growing fast by creating success stories for its clients. It’s combining deep knowledge of both financial services and the complex world of digital marketing to develop innovative and highly effective marketing programs and solutions for dynamic financial services providers.

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