Deke Digital | Your mind on media
Deke Digital | Your mind on media
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We help clients create and distribute expert content for major media outlets. And then we help them use it to drive new business.

We help business leaders express their ideas and views in ways that are compelling to publishers and their readers.

content strategy

Content Strategy

& Facilitated Content Creation

Successful digital marketing in knowledge-driven industries like finance and healthcare is powered by sophisticated, focused content. Deke Digital helps take the knowledge in your firm’s collective brain and channel it into highly targeted, hard-hitting, media-friendly commentaries and articles. Your prospects need to understand what you know and how it’s applicable to their own problems and needs. We help you put what you know — and are best in the world at — on display for new prospects, referrals, and searchers to see.

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content distribution

Content Distribution

& Media Placement

Our mantra is “No original work on your own website first, ever,” because the only content worth creating is that which you’d be happy for the world to see with your name attached to it. Deke Digital works with you to ensure your content goes to (and runs on) outlets that need it and appreciate it. We help your firm build industry authority and digital visibility in the search, social, and digital media realms.

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content activation


& Lead Generation

It’s great when something you’ve conceived and created lands on a major website or in a national publication — but it’s not enough on its own to drive real business results. We help you take your content successes and use them to target and pursue key prospects and referral sources. Applying cutting edge digital and social marketing tactics powered by sophisticated, high-profile content can help your firm generate highly qualified leads and deal flow.

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Our Clients’ Work Has Been
Featured In

Putting Insights On Display

In an age of information-driven transparency, clever ad slogans mean very little. You’re bullish on America? What does that even mean? Deke Digital’s business: Help our clients show their substance and make their abilities real and visceral for prospects to find and see. Help put it all on display on high-visibility media platforms. And use technology to help drive and capture new business.

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