What Deke Digital's Doing On Summer Vacation
What Deke Digital's Doing On Summer Vacation
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What Deke Digital’s doing on summer vacation

Published on July 24, 2014
deke digital summer vacation

We are having a great summer here at Deke Digital and wanted to share a quick three-bullet update:

1) Told you so! Deke’s CEO on CNBC.

Dave Maney had the chance to appear on CNBC back on May 6th of this year to talk about the wicked beating Twitter’s stock was taking.

twitter stock priceHe essentially said: Marketers ultimately will make or break any social media company, and Twitter’s targeting capabilities make it an increasingly powerful tool that’s only begun to be tapped into. I’m not a stock analyst, but as a professional marketer, you have to be impressed with Twitter’s prospects.

Recently, Twitter just knocked it out of the park performance-wise for the past quarter, with the news pushing its stock up 20%.

2) Deke Digital clients knocking it out of the park on the Big Media stage.

Under the guidance of Deke Chief Content Officer Nicole Volpe Miller’s team, Deke Digital clients have had an unbroken run of success these past several months, creating outstanding media pieces that help flex their companies’ industry intellectual muscles and really drive their SEO and lead-generation results. Literally too many terrific examples to list singly in a missive like this one, but a few highlights are:

– The ascension of three great voices to regular contributorships at The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch.

proper-financial-planningBrightworth’s Annika Ferris Cushnie and Charlie Jordan both became “Retirementors,” offering retirement planning commentary and insight, and Covestor Chief Investment Officer Sanjoy Ghosh got a regular slot to share ideas about hard-core investment strategy.

– First Western Trust’s Scott Wylieanchored a deep dive into the “back side” of entrepreneurship with two stellar columns at Entrepreneur.com.

– MHT-Midspan’s Garin Arevian did a terrific, narrowly-targeted-to-the-private-equity-world piece on the construction software sector for Reuters PEHub.

3) PR 2.0 clients use content to drive follow-on coverage.

As Deke’s first “PR 2.0” client, Denver-based First Western Trust has used the outstanding content it’s creating to drive further “incoming” media coverage for its ideas and insights. Great examples:


– A Nancy Stevens piece on the expected liquidity flood from the Boulder venture-backed company world in the Boulder Daily Camera led to a Colorado Public Radio statewide interview and a good deal of high-visibility Twitter activity.

– The Scott Wylie pieces on the “back side” led to a Wall Street Journal interview that will run in the near future on how successful people can create accountability structures in their personal lives.

A rapid-response article for Marketwatch on the train wreck that is the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s estate plan made real waves and generated hundreds of reader comments.

It’s a busy and wildly productive time here. We’re getting ready to launch with new clients in four different states and have new and powerful initiatives on the content distribution side of our business in the works.

If you have friends in the financial services industry who aren’t getting online and social traction from digital media firms staffed primarily by people with nose rings and ear gaugesforward this note to them.

We’d love them to know what we’re up to.