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Published on September 19, 2015

Deke Digital Company Blog

minimum wage

On minimum wage increase to $15/hr

Recently the Vice President of the United States (Joe Biden) and the Governor of New York (Andrew Cuomo) have started heavily advocating for a $15 minimum wage. Deke Digital CEO, Dave Maney, stopped by Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss this topic....

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On General Motors

Deke CEO Dave Maney was on Cavuto to debate the wisdom behind General Motors plan to begin importing vehicles to the US-- 6 years after having received a tax-payer funded bailout. Is protectionism better for job creation, or is free market the way to go?...

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dave maney on apple self driving cars

August 17, 2015 On Apple entering self-driving car business

Will Apple find success in entering the self-driving car business? Deke Digital CEO, Dave Maney, stopped by Fox Business to give his thoughts on why entering the self-driving car business will be very difficult for Apple (or any company for that matter)....

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presidential debate maney

August 06, 2015 On the GOP debate

With the big GOP debate happening later tonight, Deke CEO Dave Maney stopped by Fox Business to share his thoughts. If you’re short on time and want to skip to the good stuff, Dave comes on at about 2:05 of this clip....

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walmart and amazon

July 15, 2015 On Walmart and Amazon

Deke Digital CEO Dave Maney was on Fox News' Your World Monday to discuss the plans of Walmart to begin competing with Amazon in the digital marketplace. As Amazon already holds a significant share of the market, Walmart will need to bring it all in...

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dave maney greece bailout

July 13, 2015 On the market rally around Greece

Deke Digital CEO Dave Maney was on Cavuto Coast to Coast to talk about the recent uptick in the market in the midst of the Greek financial meltdown. While promises of stability may play a large part in turning around the market, the proposed solutions...

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