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Published on July 06, 2015

Deke Digital Company Blog

June 24, 2015 What the team is up to

A short update on what our team is up to at Deke Digital. We’re running a cutting-edge content marketing services company and media laboratory on behalf of a surprisingly fast-growing number of financial services and healthcare industry clients. And the results have been really good! We help...

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banks economic warning

May 28, 2015 On banks new economic warnings

After being sued for not warning of market troubles ahead of the 2007 financial melt-down, bib banks released warnings of potential market troubles ahead. Deke Digital CEO Dave Maney talked to Fox Business's Neil Cavuto to see whether big banks are telling the truth or...

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retirement advisors

April 10, 2015 On retirement advisors

The New York Times published an editorial criticizing the White House for not pushing forward on retirement advisor crack-downs. Dave Maney, Deke Digital's CEO, stopped by Fox Business to talk about the dangers of a one-size-fits-all policy.  ...

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