What The Deke Digital Team Is Up To
What The Deke Digital Team Is Up To
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What the team is up to

Published on June 24, 2015

A short update on what our team is up to at Deke Digital.

We’re running a cutting-edge content marketing services company and media laboratory on behalf of a surprisingly fast-growing number of financial services and healthcare industry clients. And the results have been really good!

deke digital

We help our clients formulate and create very high quality content that helps them show what they know and differentiate themselves in an increasingly noisy market. We help them get it distributed/carried by major national and trade media platforms. And then we help them increase the readership and exploit the digital value of that content.

The work we do lets our clients demonstrate the truth of the promises their brands make – all through their own thoughts and words. We help shape their content to make it reader-attractive and publication-friendly, and edit for a very high quality bar, but it’s their voice and their work. And then we help their work find a good home in the dynamic digital and trade media universe.

​​Finally, our team works to activate that content via organic and paid social media and email marketing, ultimately using it to drive inbound lead generation or achieve other critical business objectives for our clients.

This is work that we love and that we’d immodestly say we’re very, very good at. It fuses the large forces that have been crushing the media landscape with the large forces that have changed how high intellectual content industries need to be marketed. The result of that fusion is…well…it’s Deke Digital.

Here are a few recent examples of some great work done with our clients:

The folks at midwestern regional accounting powerhouse Plante Moran have a great many clients in the automotive industry. That gives them a front-row seat on how theindustry is changing – and also on what it will take for OEM manufacturers to continue to succeed. They wrote about it for Automotive News.


The amazing Kauffman Fellows Program is helping create the next generation of leadership in venture capital firms around the world. One of the recent fellows, a Puerto Rico VC named Ramphis Castro, wrote about the possibilities of a venture ecosystem emerging in a newly-opened Cuba.


With our recent foray into the healthcare world, we’ve started working with remarkable people like precision medicine pioneer Dr. Florence Comite, who thinks Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban is a whole lot smarter about the future of medicine than are many of his critics. She wrote about it for CNBC.com.

A member of our board of directors said recently, “You’re not a thought leader when only you think you are.” When real industry experts show the world what’s going on inside their high-performance brains, interesting things start to happen — especially when the right strategy and planning is put in place beforehand.

One last note – I keep my hand in the media pot, too, as evidenced by a few of my own recent appearances with Fox Business’s Neil Cavuto:

Talking about the Fed’s planned interest rate increases

Discussing the planned new fiduciary standard for retirement advisors

Then talking about the poor GDP growth numbers

Our CEO Dave Maney also took a few swings at the notion that that fellow in Seattle was giving up a whole lot by crowing that he’d start paying his people a $75,000 annual minimum wage.


If there’s something that Deke Digital can do for you, or for someone you know, please feel free to get in touch with us.