Targeting & Lead Generation
Targeting & Lead Generation
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Targeting & Lead Generation

Creating great content for highly visible and authoritative media platforms is great. But it’s also table stakes for success in the digital realm. Writing a great op-ed or insightful article and thinking that its mere existence will drive business growth will likely lead to disappointment.

It takes significant effort and expertise to get the most out of the great content our clients create. And it’s one of the things we bring to the table. We’re good at helping our clients “activate” their content in order to drive real measurable business results. We do this by applying an assortment of digital marketing strategies, tactics, and technologies to their content.

Once a client is able to activate their highly authoritative content for highly targeted audiences, they can:

  • Generate leads
  • Reinvigorate existing referral networks
  • Cross-sell and upsell current customers to new products and services
  • Increase website SEO performance
  • Generate other media relations opportunities
  • Increase personal authority and visibility

That’s what we do. We’re pretty good at it, too. Drop us a line today.

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