Content Distribution & Media Placement
Content Distribution & Media Placement
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Content Distribution & Media Placement

We have an important mantra with all our clients: No original content on your own website first, ever.

Not content about what’s going on in the world, anyway. With every fiber of our being, we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. If you’re creating content, create content that’s good enough for a wide audience – or a focused but critical one, at least.

So we shape the direction of the content we help our clients create in a way that makes it attractive to major media outlets and websites. And then we help get it there.

Most major media properties appreciate and need high-value content – when it’s clear-eyed, non-self-promotional, and adds real value to their readers and viewers. Knowing what those outlets need and how they think about quality and credibility is critical, and we use that knowledge to guide our clients as they think, write, and create.

Ultimately the relationship between the media and its contributors is a complex and bumpy road. We help guide our clients as smoothly as possible along the way.

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