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Jobs at Deke - Deke Digital | Your mind on media
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Jobs at Deke

Published on September 22, 2017

Deke Digital Is Looking for a Customer Experience Director

We want to place the most incredibly precious and important thing we’ve got directly in your hands.

But you better have some really, really, really great hands.

Deke Digital is looking for a Customer Experience Director to ride herd on our day-to-day interactions with our customers. We want someone who’s the customer’s primary point of contact for coordinating and expediting the work they do with our editors and strategists. Someone who knows what that customer needs before the customer knows it. Someone who’s a student of what our company does and how we do it, and someone who both customers and your Deke teammates inherently trust and like.

Succeeding in this job will require a love of detail, a high level of checklist-completion discipline, and a high EQ to power your customer happiness-seeking radar. The smile a customer gets from completing another great interaction with our company should feel like one of your highest forms of job satisfaction and psychic reward.

Deke is a small and very fast-growing company, and we need to find someone who’s capable of all that while remaining comfortable in our fast-paced, always-changing, all-hands-on-deck work environment.

First things first 

One: Deke is a young, highly innovative expert media company – which means we help customers create and distribute expert media content on major national media platforms. (We’re pretty much the pioneers of the expert media business, and there are lots and lots of examples of the work we do with our customers here.)

Two: We serve companies in four main industry verticals: Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology, and Law. That means we’ve got a lot of really smart people as customers. Which in turn means we need a really smart person who can relate to, and communicate with, those customers. Knowing something about the industries we serve is a big plus. Not a prerequisite – but a big plus.

Three: Every company means something different when they use a job title like “Customer Experience Director.” So here’s more on what we mean: It’s not a sales role. It’s a customer care role. It’s a customer attention role. It’s a customer love role. It’s a customer psychologist and butler and concierge role, and a customer’s needs-meeting role. It’s about stitching together all the myriad interactions that have to happen between a customer’s executive team and Deke and making sure that every single representative of every single company that pays our bills believes that our operation runs like a gorgeously engineered Swiss watch, or a five star Ritz-Carlton hotel, and treats them with the care and we’re-glad-you’re-here sense they exude in the high-rollers lounge at the Bellagio.

Is that a vivid enough picture? We have customers that we genuinely care a lot about, and that we’ve spent a whole lot of time and energy and money cultivating and signing up and getting to know, and we want every one of them to love Deke as much as we love them. And the way we think we get them there is by helping them shape and create the world’s greatest expert content while anticipating and answering every question and every need and every bump in the road that arises during the delivery of our services to them.

If we can spot something else we can do for them, so much the better. But most of all we want them served. Not sold.

The Work

Here are some of the things we need the Customer Experience Director to do at Deke:

  • Central point of contact for all interactions between customers and Deke staff.
  • Manage to and help us achieve high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Understand and maintain CRM records for each customer.
  • Interact with all necessary levels of leadership within assigned customer portfolio ranging from associates to C-Level executives.
  • Manage interview scheduling, tracking and content pace for customers.
  • Prepare for and conduct monthly customer check-in calls and quarterly review calls.
  • Develop engagement plans with service delivery teams to ensure customer retention.
  • Proactively communicate with customers to evaluate overall satisfaction (via net promoter score) and identify upcoming needs.
  • Work with other Deke team members to ensure customer needs are met and problems are solved. 
  • Nurture customer relationships to develop strong customer advocates for Deke.
  • Manage and facilitate the customer onboarding process.
  • Keep an eye open for additional services we can provide to existing customers.
  • Anything else that needs doing to make customers happy.

The Values

Deke Digital hires using its core values as a compass, and as a result our people are generally reflective of the “Deke Five C’s”. Our core values are that Deke team members are:

  • Curious – Intellectually and business-wise.
  • Customer-focused – In everything we do. Everything.
  • Collaborative – We’re people people, and we pretty much all like each other and like working together.
  • Connected – We’re fundamentally media and news entrepreneurs – we’re connected to the world and our communities and our interests and each other.
  • Change Agents – We’re re-thinking how expert analysis and opinion gets created. We’re distilling, distributing and delivering key pieces of knowledge and insight from the humans that have them to the humans that want and need them.

The Personal Characteristics

These are all pretty critical for someone to be successful in this job at Deke:

  • Task completion-oriented.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Self-confident.
  • Trust-inspiring.
  • Intellectually curious.
  • Brave enough to wade into tough or uncomfortable conversations when circumstances demand it.
  • Emotionally intelligent.
  • Diplomatic.
  • Friendly.

The Background Requirements

There aren’t any. If you can do what’s needed and if you have the personal characteristics listed above, we don’t care where or how you learned your craft. But we’d still love to know how you think you got there.

The Pay

Depends on qualifications and what it will take to get the person we want. And need.

What’s Next

If we haven’t freaked you out by this point, send us a great cover letter (we’re wordies – we hate bad cover letters and worship great ones) and a link to you LinkedIn page.

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.