Law Firm Content Marketing Punches Way Below Its Weight Class
Law Firm Content Marketing Punches Way Below Its Weight Class
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Law Firm Content Marketing Punches Way Below Its Weight Class

Published on June 13, 2017

Law firm content marketing has punched way below its weight class. Way below.

Why? Because their content tends to be mistargeted and therefore heads in of two directions: Either it’s lawyerly, dull and inwardly focused (see your firm’s latest newsletter), or it’s so diffuse and disconnected from your core mission as business lawyers that it’s hard for someone to know what you’re good at, let alone why they need to hire you. (See your firm’s latest advertorial insert in your local city business journal.)

Good business lawyers have remarkably deep expertise not only about the law itself but about how firms interact with other critical segments of society. You see entrepreneurs and CEOs at their most challenging and their most triumphant moments. You’re often the person who helps them through those deep chasms and the person who helps guide them to that summit of accomplishment. You understand the law, risk management, human nature, and institutional inertia.

And your law firm’s content marketing is usually a recitation of a recent court decision that most any second-year law student could have ghost-written for you. Or it says you’re a “trusted advisor” who helps companies “innovate and grow.”

Pro tip: No one that you need to influence wants that content. If you think a newsletter piece about a court decision that’s important to an entire industry is going to drive new client inquiry, think again: Whatever CEO or board member you’re trying to influence is getting six other newsletters articles just like yours about the same decision. 

And if you think entrepreneurs are looking at that gauzy paid-for piece in Business Journal X – the one that says how much much much your clients love you and how much much much you love the spirit of entrepreneurship and how much much much you’re a trusted partner to your city’s boldest company creators….Now you know they’re not even stopping to read that, right?

At Deke Digital we’ve got an overall client mantra that most definitely applies to law firm content marketing – and that’s this: No original content on your own website first – ever. If you’ve got content that’s worth creating – and if your firm is any good at all, let us assure you that you do – then that content is worth creating in a style and at a level of quality and appeal that’s good enough to be published by a major media outlet.

Your firm’s website, then, becomes a compilation and curation and a summary sheet of the great content your great legal and business advisory minds have created and which was recently published by major media outlet or significant trade publication Y. Your universal thinking about entrepreneurial endeavors ought to be good enough and powerful enough to be in Inc. or Entrepreneur. Your specific industry expertise should be insightful enough to be in Oil and Gas Journal or Dermatology Times or whatever title serves the same market segment you serve.

The media industry is struggling mightily under the weight of Internet-driven disintermediation and competition. They’ve lost many of the most experienced depth reporters they used to be able to pay to gather exactly the kind of expertise your partners intrinsically possess. They don’t have your firm’s networks, nor its resources, nor its depth of perspective.

In short, they need content from the likes of your partners. But your partners generally don’t know that, don’t know exactly how to create it, don’t know what to emphasize, don’t know how to get it distributed, and don’t know how to activate that content to open doors and drive leads to new clients and new business.

At Deke Digital, we do. We help put our customers’ knowledge on display by helping them create sophisticated expert content for major business media and trade publication outlets. And then we help them use that authoritative content to drive new business.

Law firms have been societal heavyweights punching like lightweights in the content world long enough. It’s time to show the world – and your targets – what you know and why it matters to them.

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