Make it Personal: Social Media for Financial Services
Make it Personal: Social Media for Financial Services
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Make it Personal: Social Media for Financial Services

Published on August 12, 2015
Social media for financial services

Social media isn’t just for the kids anymore. With more than 1.4 billion active Facebook users to connect with, your next financial services client is almost certainly out there– you just need to know how to reach them.

It’s not obvious and isn’t necessarily easy – not many significant opportunities are (and many players in the industry face added regulatory scrutiny for social media activities as well), but with knowledge, strategy, planning, and some creativity, your financial services firm can turn social media into an active community for clients and experts alike.

Deke Digital has world-class expertise in the use of social media platforms in financial services marketing. We use a content-first strategy that means your presence will always bring the weight of authority and the gravitas of expertise. And we’ll help you convert that authority and expertise into a prospect-producing mechanism.

Targeted social media advertising can work like a heat-seeking missile in pursuit of exactly the kinds of prospects your firm is seeking, with hyper-specific data that can allow you to deliver highly customized content to individuals. And in the crowded digital marketplace, a healthy social media presence can help your firm’s digital presence to be more than just a shout into the void.

Social Networking and Financial Services

Your financial services firm needs to go to where your clients are hanging out– and in the digital age, that place is social media. Be proactive, and provide your clients with actionable content delivered right to their newsfeeds.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all allow advertisers to micro-target their audience. With the proper combination of technologies, tracking, re-targeting, and solid offer strategies, you can get your content in front of your prospects repeatedly and at a low cost-per-impression.

You need to reach CEOs of mid-sized regional banks along the front range of Colorado? You can do that. Households in a defined metro area with a net worth of $5 million or more? You can do that. Women in Tucson with an annual income of 60K who drive a Volkswagen and own their homes? You can do that.

Your firm’s social media pages should be authority reservoirs, filled with your company’s content pieces, and all the better if those pieces have run on highly authoritative media platforms. A random prospect should be able to examine any of your firm’s social media pages and walk away with valuable, useful information that influences the way they think….and that may eventually lead them to your door.

Social media isn’t the place to try to hard-sell your services, but rather is a place to engage with prospective clients. Social networks can add a human element to your financial services firm, allowing you to respond to users who engage with your content, creating the beginnings of a relationship.

What you offer them via social media matters — and affects response rates. Offer to assist potential clients with advice or information. Share a report or whitepaper that’s tightly aligned with your social media offerings. Whatever you do, once your firm creates a first point of engagement, the door is opened wide to convert that prospect into a new client.

Though digital advertising can often be cold and impersonal, social media marketing offers financial services firms the chance to reach out to their audience in a much more human manner. Engaging with clients in a way that is both creative and informative is critical in creating connections that become profitable.

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