Three Keys To Email Marketing For Accounting Firms
Three Keys To Email Marketing For Accounting Firms
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Three Keys to Email Marketing for Accountants

Published on June 17, 2015
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Accounting firms looking to expand any part of your business: traditional marketing methods are under threat. Word-of-mouth referrals are still powerful, but more technologically thoughtful strategies are required today — and winning new clients involves more than just a beautiful website.

By utilizing content-based email marketing for your accounting firm, you can expand both your referral network and your client base while increasing your online presence.

Show what’s inside your firm’s collective brain, put that content into media form for all the world to see, and then put notice of what you’re doing in the email inbox of key influencers in your network.

Show, Don’t Tell.

Demonstrating mastery of the issues on prospective clients’ plates should always be the first priority when crafting an email marketing campaign. When marketing for accounting, it’s not enough to simply tell the client that they can trust you with their business’ accounting matters and related tax and financial concerns. You need to create content that proves it.

When it comes to email marketing for accountants, the best campaigns will provide actionable, effective content that provides value for your clients long before they engage your services.

Be Specific.

The key to getting a higher click-through rate is specificity and focus. Manufacturing CEOs need different information than service business owners, who are of course again different from  individuals. Content designed for the recipient will not only have a higher open rate, but will also help to build your firm’s reputation as a formidable and reliable resource.

Segment your blasts based on interests, and create content targeted towards those you want to reach. And if it’s good enough to go to your contacts, it ought to be good enough for the whole world. And if it’s good enough for the whole world, you should be publishing expert commentaries and articles in major media outlets and websites.  Then you can move to the email side of the equation, whether your firm uses an entry level email management system (such as Constant Contact or iContact) or more complex email marketing automation software like Hubspot or Infusionsoft.

No Original Content on your Own Website First, Ever

Redundant, but worth repeating, nevertheless. Publishing a piece in a reliable publication gives legitimacy to the content, and prevents the piece from becoming just another shout into the giant void that is the internet. The best way to prove expertise is through creating great content and deliverables that lives on highly authoritative platforms.

At Deke Digital, we’ve helped our clients put their brains on display in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The Street, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, critical trade publications, and just about everywhere else that financial content and expertise matters. Our team can help you create and publish content worth reading– and sharing. Contact us today to see how we can help with your accounting firms next email marketing campaign.

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